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Parkes Vaping came into existence when a group of friends decided to create a platform that will sell the best quality vape juice and e-cigarettes. With great quality and dedication we have reached this place.



SMOK Alien AL85

The most compact device that you will ever find in the market. They look stylish and attractive that anybody would want to own one.

Halo E-Liquid

The Halo E-liquid not just comes in stylish packs but they also come in umpteen flavours that you would have to try. Halo simply means innovation and style.


Smoking Vapor Mi One

Smoking Vapor Mi One​ is one of the affordable vapour pens in the market. The body of the pen is super compact and it holds up to 2 ml of juice.


JoyeTech eGo AIO

If you fear the presence of your kids at home, then you might have to go for JoyeTech eGo AIO​. They come with strong leak-proof system and are absolutely safe in the hands of the child.


Wismec myJet Express

Are you a person who loves to go green even when you smoke, then Wismec myJet Express is your product. The prepare go-green juices, and they are environmental-friendly.


Innokin Kroma

Innokin Kroma comes with Kroma vaporiser and it one of the internationally successful brands in the market. You must definitely try it, if you haven't before.


All That You Have To Know About The PG And VG Ratios

One need not have to tell you how much e-cigarettes and e-juices are trending these days. Apart from the fact that they are available in stores and online platform, people are also trying to make their own e-cigars and especially e-juices. The e-cigars and e-juices are made in houses, and it requires minimal laboratory environment. Many people think that e-juices are made under severe laboratory conditions. Yes, they are. But that is not the only way to make them. All you have to know is the right proportion, and you can simply make them anywhere.

So here we are going help you understand one of the primary components, or in fact, the most important of all components used in an e-juice and that is the VG and PG ratio. Understanding this will help you make your e-juice with less difficulty. With no further delay let us head to the discussion.

What is an e-juice?

To get the doubts out of the way, if any, we will first see what an e-juice is, only then you will be able to understand the role of the VG and PG in it. The electronic cigarettes have created quite a stir in the market. Instead of using the regular combinations of the harmful chemicals and nicotine, a liquid is prepared and filled inside these e-cigars. These e-juices create the vapour inside the cigar, and they are used as the fillers in every cigarette. But due to the fact that these cigars are trying to be homemade these days, it is important that such enthusiasts understand the importance of the VG and PG ratios. Let us get to that.

What are VG and PG ratios?

The VG and the PG ratios are the major components used in the making of the e-juice and e-cigars. The terms VG and PG stand for Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Apart from this, there are only a couple of other ingredients that you have to add to make your e-cigars come to life. However, when it comes to importance, all the others take a back seat and VG, and PG gets the prime focus.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol doesn’t have a proper colour. It is a colourless chemical component that isn’t physically harmful both externally and internally. However, when they used for internal consumption even in the vapour form, it has to be made sure that they are consumed in proper quantity. The best part about consuming Propylene Glycol as a part of your e-juices is that they contain a tainted sweet taste and makes you feel great about what you are consuming. Not just for the taste, but all for the viscosity of the liquid it is used in e-juices to create the vapour.

Vegetable Glycerin:

Again Vegetable Glycerin is quite similar to the nature and texture of PG but for the fact that it is an oil-like substance that is extracted from plant oils. It is again a colourless and an odourless liquid, but again it has quite a similar taste as to that of the Propylene Glycol. Vegetable Glycerin has a lot of fatty acids. It helps us maintain body balance and is useful in umpteen ways.

Everything That You Have To Know About DIY E-Juices

All of us, in some or the other way, are addicted to different forms of smoking and at different degrees. That is why the society is always on a lookout for better forms of smoking. Technology has almost intervened everywhere, and smoking is not an exception. We have had e-mails, e-currencies, e-wallets, e-wastes and little did we think that we will have e-cigars and e-juices. So here are some of the things that you have to know about these e-cigars and e-juices, and let’s have it done from scratch.

What are e-cigarettes and e-juices?

Years down the line, people have adopted various smoking methods, and this starts from weed, marijuana till the recent smoking habits that we possess. One need not have to tell us the consequences of taking in marijuana or smoking. They are not pretty advisable for your health. That is when the concept of e-cigarettes came in. Instead of the nicotine and other addictive components that are present in their raw form inside the usual cigarette, these e-cigars come in a pen that has vapourised content. The vapour that is present inside these pens can be refilled and can be used. This is the story of e-cigars of you.

So then what are e-juices? E-juices have come as a great alternative for people who are not into too much of smoking but love drinking things with alcoholic content. E-juices are acting as a great substitute for e-cigars. It is also important to note that e-juices also come in vapourised form and re-fillers are also available for the same. This is how e-juices came into existence, and as we stated earlier, they are being used as a great alternative for people who do not use e-cigars. Buy the can highly expensive sometimes and they do not always fall into the affordable category. That is when people thought why not make it at home.

DIY E-Juices:

The process of making your e-juice re-fillers at home is called the DIY E-Juices, and I need not have to tell you what DIY is. These days people are trying to make everything at home, and DIY e-juices are definitely one among them. Though it sounds like a chemist getting into his task, making your own DIY e-juice is not a great deal. There are only certain tips that you have to remember, and you have to make sure that you have things in the right proportion and you are good to go.

Making DIY ejuice yourself does not require any specialized skills and thereby anybody with a knowledge of chemical composition can get that done. DIY e-juices are trending these days, and everybody wanted to make one of their own. There are a lot of methods available over the net, and they can be tried to make sure that you get you e-juice done as well. All you need is the right supplies, or if you are lazy there are a bunch of affordable, yet good ejuice manufactures online that you can order from.



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